Seek - Web-based AR for eCommerce

Seek LLC

Seek offers web-based augmented reality solutions that are optimized for enterprise level e-commerce

Many companies have experimented with augmented reality for years, but these experiences have been trapped in apps and hard to find places. Seek makes it easy for brands to integrate augmented reality into their most profitable sales channels. By enabling cross-platform web-based AR, this technology can now be installed directly onto product pages, used as in store engagements through QR codes, and even used in email marketing. Seek also makes it easy for their users to access AR without having to change their shopping behaviors. Allowing consumers to see a product in their life before they buy it increases consumer engagement, trust, sales conversion, and it reduces returns. Most importantly, Seek allows brands to provide a world class customer experience that is ready today and for the future. Whether your brand has 3D models or not, Seek helps brands from beginning to end.
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