Sef Data Attribution

Autor: Sef Digital LLC

Evaluation of marketing effectiveness and calculation of the profitability of the company

With SEF, you can:

  1. Understand the profitability of each individual direction.
  2. Understand which of the funnel steps need to be improved in order to stop draining the enterprise budget
  3. Understand how I can earn as much by investing a smaller amount in the direction
  4. Understand how I can increase the amount of revenue without investing additional investments.
  5. Understand what extra income I lose because of a limited budget.

Additionally, the technology will solve the following tasks:

  1. Returns are not taken into account;
  2. The buyer can be traced only to the application, respectively, the company does not understand the real revenue for the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  3. In cases when a user has extended e-commerce, only revenue is taken into account, no one knows the total profit through advertising channels;
  4. Do not take into account offline interaction with the client.

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