Insurance Group Management Platform

Autor: Segic Inc

We provide an integrated platform for Insurance Group management

Insurance brokers or company will gain an even greater advantage by using the Segic platform. Among other things, they will enjoy the following Segic benefits:
◾Higher profits thanks to Segic’s administration, processing and payment services
◾Expansion of service offerings for better client retention
◾Enhanced TPA capabilities
◾Provide managing and fully insured or self-insured plans for brokerage clients
◾Ability to issue a single, brokerage-branded group insurance card even after a change of insurers
◾Integrated actuarial service within the group insurance platform
◾Compilation and presentation of detailed information about clients’ drug use in order to produce flexible in-depth analysis
◾Transfer of member file administration and claims processing services to an outside team
◾Minimal learning curve allows administration and processing teams to achieve high productivity quickly.

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