Autor: senselytics s.r.o.

Industrialized IoT HW and SW solution for monitoring and managing retail shelves.

Shelfmonitor is a smart IoT solution that helps retailers to increase turnover, optimize distribution and improve marketing. Inovative End2end industrially protected IoT solution, that is using combination of sensors, microelectronics, enhanced algorithms, machine learning and state of the art software technology. It provides real time metrics for monitoring of turnover and sold out levels of goods from shelves, monitors and plans shelves replenishment operations. It can be directly use in dry shelves, coolers, promo stands and display pallets. It enables companies with new kind of data sets for advanced analysis and optimisations. We are ready to empower our customers and business partners with smart shelfmonitor HW devices. Those devices can be used either right away or can be used to upgrade any regular coolers or dry shelfs into the powerfull smart digital devices. This application is available in English, Germany and Czech language mutations.

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