Virtual Training Suite

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Develop and manage skills acquisition with Virtual Training Suite

Because we learn by doing, Virtual Training Suite allows you to design engaging training courses, to manage the acquisition of skills and to adapt the training path of each individual through practice in realistic situations.

Virtual Training Suite consists of two powerful tools:

  • VTS Editor: An authoring software that allows you to quickly create interactive and immersive training modules tailored to the needs of each learner. (Learn more...)
  • VTS Perform: A platform for creating training paths, deploying them on smartphones, tablets and PCs and then analyzing the level of learner skills to effectively manage your training in real time. (Learn more...)

The unique end-to-end no-code solution of the digital learning industry, fully compatible with all Learning Management Systems, VTS Editor empowers training designers.
In total autonomy, you can easily create interactive and dynamic virtual training simulations, 5 times faster and cheaper than existing solutions on the market, and with no need for graphical or technical skills!
Those innovative contents are not only fun and engaging, but can also be interfaced with other technologies and accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, including VR.
Learners use customized scenarios that simulate real world situations, and provide them feedback, so they can improve the next time. Practice makes perfect!
This approach has already been proven to drastically increase skill acquisition and return on training investments.

The assurance of a successful training

Virtual Training Suite has been developed to ensure the success of your training courses. To make skill acquisition successful, you have the tools to :
  • Measure the level of the learners before starting and the knowledge gap that needs to be closed to achieve the objectives
  • Design engaging, gamified, intelligent and efficient learning tools
  • Deploy on any type of media (connected or not), including on VR headsets or your LMS if you have one
  • Track and analyse the path of each learner, so that they focus only on what they need to learn (Adaptive Learning)
  • Create and share dashboards to assess the return on investment and improve your content (continuous improvement)

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