Lead Validation and Scoring for US and Canada

Autor: Service Objects, Inc.

Cross-validate & score 5 key contact points, ensuring you are working with real prospects.

Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time data quality services that verify and improve the quality of your US and Canadian leads and contact records. 

Our DOTS Lead Validation is a real-time API combining our validation expertise in contact, business name, email, address, phone, and device verification into a single, robust solution that corrects and appends contact records and provides an actionable lead quality score from 0 to 100. It is simple to integrate with Dynamics, NAV and Azure.

Our service cross-validates five critical lead quality components: name, street address, phone number, email address and IP address. This lead scoring software analyzes 130+ data points to return a validation score of 1-100, helping companies identify acceptable customer data at the point-of-entry. The service has multiple operations that accommodate for records that may not have all five critical components.

There are 3 ways to enjoy our Lead Validation service:

  • Cloud-Connector - For Dynamics and Azure users only. Service Objects has made it simple for Microsoft users to take advantage of our lead validation services with our easy to use connector designed to work within your Microsoft products. Once connected, we can validate incoming leads and monitor and correct your existing ones. Our team can have you up and running in minutes.
  • Real-time API - Validate leads at the point of entry and provides a Lead Quality score for lead routing and business decisions.
  • Batch - Validate and correct existing leads in your contact records.

Think your contact records are already accurate? According to SiriusDecisions, 25% of all contact records contain critical errors. 

With simple validation, you could easily reach those contacts. 

Check out Service to learn more about what impacts the health and viability of leads and how Service Objects can help correct them and improve your campaigns' performance.

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