Sesam Data Hub Integration Platform


Sesam is a Data Hub iPaaS for collecting, connecting and sharing data.

Sesam is an advanced integration platform using a unique data hub approach for collecting, connecting and sharing data – a digital integration hub. With Sesam data can quickly be repurposed, restructured and used, without changing the systems that own the original data. All the data from all the systems is connected together and available as a single shared resource. Using Sesam avoids source system dependencies, reduces maintenance costs and breaks data silos. Sesam Data Hub approach: * Continuously consume data from systems. * Connect data about the same things, infer relationships. * Transform data. * Deliver data to target systems. * All driven by state change. * Exposes API for configuration and data. * Data Centric, “no code” solution. * No need for canonical data models. * Schema-less data store. * Layered, on-demand schema - stored as data. * Simple concept of Pipes that is used consistently and ubiquitously. * Controlled, monitorable and manageable data flows. * Dedicated data transformation language. * Intelligent Caching. Sesam Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): * Subscription based model depending on process capability, data size and operational support. * Cloud Service: Public / Private + On-premise (still run as a service). * Support wide variety of integration types, e.g. MDM, B2B, Cloud2Cloud, Application, Process, Mobile, Citizen and Data. * Focused on rapid, adaptive and evolving integration.
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