Sevan Capture & Analyze

Autor: Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

Solutions to collect, organize, and analyze built asset data for better decision-making.

Sevan Technology offers a suite of digital tools & services to visually represent, understand and perform analytics on your physical assets. Our expertise and technology are utilized in a vast array of solutions by clients including data collection, pre-construction, project and program management, reporting, portfolio & asset management, analytics and data visualization. Our products provide the capabilities you need to deploy your capital funds with confidence.  

Sevan CAPTURE is a versatile mobile app with customization based on your unique needs.  Capture is a trusted tool being utilized by multi-site corporations and government agencies around the world. 
        • Mobile field data collection
        • Offline functional
        • Encrypted data transfer
        • Azure data hosting
        • Flexible & adaptable form designer
        • Custom and standard reports
        • Real-time dashboards & analytics through integration with Sevan ANALYZE

        • Give your project or program the versatility it needs to be adopted and fully utilized
        • Fast & low-cost deployment
        • iOS and Android compatible
        • Role and user-based permissions
        • Retrieve historical assessments from the cloud to enable incremental asset data refresh

Sevan ANALYZE is a web-based analytics and data visualization tool to leverage data and empower decision making. ANALYZE can aggregate data from multiple sources such as Sevan CAPTURE, Excel, D365.  
        • Leverages Power Platform
        • Custom integration available 
        • Report automation
        • Identity management, and SSO
        • Sharing & collaboration features
        • End user support 
        • Continuous refresh 

        • Balance strategic business decisions involving your organization’s priorities and goals 
        • Compile multiple scenarios via custom reporting for strategic analysis and planning
        • Supports organizational alignment, both operational and strategic
        • Build single database of asset conditions to facilitate capital investment decision making

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