Shareablee PowerRankings

Autor: Shareable Inc

Shareablee Social Media Analytics

Shareablee’s PowerRankings™ provides the first true audience-centric metrics set for researchers, brands, agencies, publishers, and marketers to quantify social performance in a holistic cross-platform view. As social media consumption evolves, measurement also needs to evolve beyond the simple counting of “likes” and “followers”, to true deduplicated audience measurement.

The Shareablee PowerRankings™product effectively rolls up hundreds of disassociated social pages under the companies that own them in a unified, consistent way across all active social platforms. Roll-up reporting makes it clear and simple to size the full footprint of your audience against that of any other company in your benchmark set. This unified view uncovers actual insights about what U.S. social audiences care about when it comes to content and advertising, for greater transparency in media planning, content planning, sponsored partnerships and overall monetization and ROI.

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