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Grow your Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce business with Shoptimize

  1. Description: 

Shoptimize helps brands set up their D2C eCommerce website and transform it into a sustainable and profitable channel for the brand. By taking care of its technology and growth, Shoptimize allows the brand to focus on its key priorities, which are its products and customers. The Shoptimize offering includes an eCommerce Platform and Growth Platform.

Shoptimize’s eCommerce SaaS Platform is feature-rich and includes Catalogue and Content Management, API integrations, Admin Panel to manage operations, and a host of features to improve conversions on the website. With robust in-built backend technology and infrastructure, the platform can scale as the products, visitors and transactions grow.

Shoptimize’s growth platform brings in data from the online store as well as several other sources including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Logistics partners to provide a 360-degree view of the business. Based on this data, the platform generates insights that help brands focus on risks and opportunities for their business. The platform also generates growth recommendations which can be executed via a single click through its marketing automation features. The Shoptimize growth platform fits in seamlessly with existing online store platforms such as Shopify and Magento as well.

  1. Type of user that benefits from the offer: 

Brands (B2C or B2B) who are looking to

  • Reduce the impact of Marketplace dynamics, better business control

  • Better online margins

  • Leveraging market intelligence to increasingly attract and retain customers

  • Better Consumer Connect

  • No cannibalization of offline channels

  • Own customer journey and increase customer lifetime value

  1. Customer need or pain that the offer addresses:

  •  Lack of Brand eCommerce store

  •  No online brand visibility

  • Lack of quality traffic on the website

  • Negligible online revenues 

  • Reducing dependency on offline sales channel

  • Digital marketing growth

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