SIGMA-HR - Fully Integrated HR Software

Autor: Sigma-RH Solutions Inc

Innovative technological solution for human resources for companies with more than 300 employees

For over 30 years, SIGMA-HR has been simplifying HR tasks with its innovative and customizable software, offering modules such as Core HR, Time management, Talent management, Occupational health and safety and Labour-management relations.


Our mission is to assist 300+ employees organizations in optimizing their HR management processes by offering a reliable, flexible, and customizable software application that will enable information to be shared to save time and money, while ensuring your data’s security at all times.

Thanks to SIGMA-HR

  • Manage employee files and Core HR tasks
  • Simplify time management
  • Protect your employees’ health and safety
  • Digitize your talent management
  • Enhance the dialogue in your organization

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