Core Workplace

Sigma AB

Core Workplace is a personalised hub in the centre of the modern digital worklife.

Core is a personalised hub in the centre of the modern digital workplace. It boosts productivity by empowering end users to design their own optimal working space – without risking the organisation’s need to serve and inform its employees. With its base in Azure, Office365 and SharePoint modern, it is intuitive and easy to set up and get started!

DASHBOARDS - Core is based on three dahsboards based on three different contexts; the individual, the team and the organisation. With this structure, more functions and content are given more space within a context that gives them more relevance.

WHAT TO USE WHEN - What to use when is one of the most fundamental questions in todays worklife. With Core we help orchastrating this with app introductions, a central app cataloge and a personal app launcher allowing an individual to get pushed apps, subscribe to chosen apps and create their own based on any web link.

PERSONALISED AND READY TO GO - On first login everyone is guided through a few easy steps to get familiar with the new workplace and antroduced to some basic profile settings. Then you're good to go!

EMPOWER THE USER - We believe that the best person to judge what is useful to get the work done is the individual himself. Therefore Core provides rich tools for the individual to adjust their own workplace, at will, at any time, directly from the start page.

WORK FROM ANYWHERE - Core is a clod solution that works avaerywhere on any device.