Signly - Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS)


Synchronous, in-vision, sign language translations on webpages for any Deaf sign language user


CV19 has highlighted the barriers culturally and linguistically Deaf community face accessing critical information in all walks of life.

  • It’s easy to forget that just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s understood. Sign language (SL) is a visual, not written language
  • So culturally Deaf customers for whom SL is a first language and English, face many barriers accessing information and managing money
  • A critical lack of interpreters doesn’t help. As a result, Deaf people often rely on friends and family for support with their everyday banking.



Wouldn’t it be great if organisations with a passion for inclusion could get sign language translations of any and every webpage? It could positively transform Deaf people’s lives and inspire other businesses to mainstream sign language.

That’s what Signly does. Signly delivers up-to-date, in-vision, broadcast quality sign language translations on any and every webpage in any sign language.


  • Our Azure-powered assistive tech (think screen-reader for sign language users) delivers fully managed Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS) with next to no coding on the part of the site owner.
  • Signly allows Deaf customers to self-serve, making access to sign language easy – an integrated part of the way an organisation does business. Users choose the best channel for them to access sign language. The service is free to the Deaf user. 
  • Organisations now have more ways to fulfil their passion for inclusion, removing barriers so Deaf customers get the same level of service as everyone else. Signly has already enabled Lloyds Bank to fulfil its passion for inclusion as well as statutory and moral obligations to welcome and include Deaf people. This is a world-first. Lloyds Bank is one of the world's most Deaf-friendly in terms of volume of signed content - in four months, the equivalent of 25% of War & Peace has been translated. 
  • Content is captured in record time in the home studios of Deaf sign language translators. Signly then checks daily for site updates and new content is recorded. If a signed version of a page is not already available, Deaf users can select ‘Request Signed Content’.

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