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Sign language interpreting in Teams in under 30 seconds

The Problem

Host organisations

  • Responsibility to provide sign language interpreters lies with the host in scenarios like the NHS. This is not always well known
  • Organisations with a passion for inclusion often want to arrange interpreters but don't know how to do it
  • They are unsure who provides the service
  • There is no central booking system to locate interpreters theclosest is a Twitter bot
  • The VRS platforms are unfamiliar
  • Sometimes it's a last minute process
  • There aren't enough interpreters the ratio of interpreters to deaf sign language users is 1:75 in the UK so it's tough at the best of times
  • Finding an interpreter even with two weeks' notice can be impossible

VRS providers

  • Maximising interpreter availability is key interoperability between VRS providers would help
  • Building and customising bespoke video relay services (VRS) platforms can be costly and time consuming
  • The platform build cost is cash that might be better spent elsewhere like training more terps

Wouldn't it be good if the host could get a sign language interpreter into a Teams meeting is under a minute?

Meet SignMe, a Teams app powered by Microsoft Azure.

  • VRS companies sign up to the platform in under ten minutes, providing simple details
  • Organisations select who their framework agreement for VRS is with
  • The host organisation simply types 'request interpreter' into theSignMe bot which will do the rest
  • Deaf users get to choose the on call interpreter
  • Or they can do a future booking
  • All this happens in seconds
  • The VRS provider receives a log of calls

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