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Vendor Portal for Grocery Retailers & Wholesalers

The Simplain Vendor Portal is purpose built for grocery retailers & wholesalers to streamline collaboration activities with suppliers. The solution is used by major grocery and discount retailers in US and Canada.

The key benefits of the Simplain Vendor Portal include:
  • Reducing clutter, and improving productivity and speed to market.
  • Improving data integrity and data quality by enabling retailers and their suppliers to view and act on the same information in real time.
  • Accelerating digital and e-commerce initiatives. You can collect, organize, and enrich your master data with nutritional, allergens, ingredients and certifications. You can also enrich your master data with additional consumer and marketing information, and product history and images.
  • Providing visibility to vendors on the status of purchase orders and invoices.
  • Creating a nimble supply chain by enabling additional collaboration opportunities to share KPIs and reports with vendors.

The key features of the Simplain Vendor Portal are:
  • Vendor on-boarding
  • New Item introduction and maintenance
  • Cost management
  • Deals, Promotions and Vendor Funds Management
  • DSD item authorization management
  • Purchase orders and advanced shipment notifications
  • Invoice entry and management
Additionally, Simplain's highly secured platform includes messaging and reporting capabilities, and APIs that enable connectivity with your back-end ERP system.

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