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Use Smetric Insights business intelligence solutions to drive business productivity and performance

Smetric’s business intelligence tools can automatically extract, analyse and present your business data from various sources in beautiful, customised dashboards, all in one place. The visual formats are easy to read, easy to share and accessible from anywhere, anytime. This will enable your business to be transformed with the opportunities uncovered and the ability to make better and more rapid decisions backed by data.

Many businesses have a whole range of systems (accounting, ERP, sales and marketing, HR etc.), each with separate reporting. When they want to understand what’s going on in their business, they dive into each system to press the Export to CSV or Excel button. Then they try to put it all together in one spreadsheet. It’s time consuming, prone to error, hard to share and hard to understand for team members who aren’t data literate, and often out-of-date by the time reports are put together.

Smetric’s business intelligence solution can pull all your data together, automatically, and present your customised reports all in one place using Microsoft Power BI. It will help you get business clarity from your data. The visual formats are easy to read, and easy to share. The result is better information, better, faster decisions, better conversations and a more successful business.

Business Outcomes

Outcomes vary from business to business, but typically include enabling your business to more easily spot opportunities to grow sales, improve customer experience, optimise operations, reduce costs, release cash and engage staff.

Who We Work With

Smetric Insights has clients in New Zealand and Australia, served by offices in Auckland and Melbourne. We have subject matter experts working alongside our data scientists and data analysts. This enables us to cut to the chase to tailor an effective business intelligence (BI) solution to help you to discover the information that really matters to help you keep on track and get you out of Excel hell.

Our focus is on medium sized businesses in the following industries: wholesale/distribution, transport, manufacturing, services and contracting, education, multi-branch and franchises.

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