HCMatrix Payroll

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Get a robust payroll system that allows you to process payments faster and more accurately

Is your payroll taking forever to compute? Or you just can’t find the perfect payroll system that fits your complex payroll process or large number of staff?

Traditional payroll systems are the bane of most human resources managers as they are burdensome and inefficient. This is more evident when you have salaries to process for a large number of staff, tax payable to compute, deductions and employee’s liabilities to calculate.

However, HCMatrix Payroll is a cloud-based solution that automates your entire payroll process allowing you to make payments in just one click. From processing payments on a range of schedules, managing staff leaves and instant access to automatic updates, to customized payslips, expert support and seamless integration with core applications, HCMatrix Payroll provides you with all the added automation you need.

Key Features of HCMatrix Payroll:

  • Configure
    Configure complex salary structures as HCMatrix Payroll can accurately compute salaries for all employees and organizations including statutory deductions, loan deductions, arrears, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary and more.
  • Automate
    Automate your payroll inputs and payslip information for extensive reimbursement configurations, monthly/annual entitlements, claims processing with limit checking, deductions, loan disbursement and payment options, automatic loan closure, and perquisites calculations.
  • Generate
    Generate comprehensive payroll reports and customized payslips. Using a Microsoft Power BI, HCMatrix Payroll can generate interactive and intelligent payroll reports, allowing you to see in the glance the state of each and every pay run.
  • Disburse
    With HCMatrix Payroll, disbursement of salaries is made very easy as it provides multiple payment modes. Just by making one click, salaries can be disbursed from the comfort of your home as HCMatrix allows payments online via major banks in Africa.

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