Weaver: AI conversational platform


AI virtual assistant with capabilities of having human-like conversations with your customers.

Weaver by Intellya, a Noventiq company, is an artificial intelligence driven software product that simulates natural language communication and enables customer to get instant answers and explanations through written or spoken conversation based on specific business scenarios. The solution supports cases from Q&A over transactional scenarios to advanced robo-advising scenarios. It helps companies provide their customers with faster and easier access to information about products, expose advanced and completely new services, and optimize the overall user experience across multiple communication channels (such as Microsoft Teams, Web Chat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Assistant, etc.).  Besides being available 24/7, Weaver helps cut down operational costs, offers brand boosting by creating a personalized campaign, increases sales by converting leads into revenues and  accelerates business growth. Through the usage of ML models and based on previous customer behavior and historic data, our virtual assistant is capable of providing tailor-made recommendations and offers for company's clients, understanding their lifestyle, habits and needs.

Key values:
  • Bring innovative and industry-leading practices and technologies to both enterprise and mid-size organizations.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and NPS (net promoter score) by 20 points.
  • 97% success rate.
  • Reduction of employees’ time on operational day-to-day activities.

Use cases and scenarios:

Weaver stories are created in order to serve both employees and company customers/clients:

  • Provide instant answers and 24/7 availability;
  • Execute human-like conversations with end customers;
  • Improve digital experience for customers;
  • Improve company-customer communication.

Company can face an increasing number of Q&As and queries on a day-to-day basis, as well as repetitive administrative processes that tend to decrease employee efficiency and satisfaction:

  • Reduce employees’ work overload by handling repetitive tasks and questions;
  • Increase employees’efficiency and satisfaction;
  • Digitalize and simplify administrative procedures for the end-users;
  • Empower employees to focus on more complex processes.

*Note: these cases are some of the scenarios that are recognized and there are no limitation regarding other cases. Check out other use cases by industry type in the materials attached.

Key takeaways for Weaver solution:
  • Integration: answers are not general, they are specific based on customers needs and use case;
  • Smart and generic at the same time: if answer is not provided by created scenarios, Weaver is able to provide answers in the same manner as Chat GPT;
  • Process automation: Weaver can support business processes and full automation;
  • Add new scenarios every day: possibility to update and create new scenarios based on customer behavior analysis of FAQs through the Weaver platform;
  • Personalized tool: possibility to have specific approach to every customer based on his/her behavior, habits and preferences;
  • Low to zero effort: possibility to put AI into hands of platform admins,powerful UI tool for maintaining AI;
  • Real time is value: Possibility to provide customers with up to date information regarding some specific real-time status, and make the answers availability 24/7;
Pricing. Weaver core licence includes:
  • Admin portal
  • Story editor 3.0
  • Monitoring tool
  • Analytics and reporting module
  • Free speech context (NLP)
  • File and link distribution
  • Support for 2 languages
  • 2 channels of communication
  • Training for the platform users

*Additional channels and Weaver modules are licenced separately (ex. Voice to voice communication, Proactive management module, Mini Contact Center, Customer Profile Overview, Feedback module, etc.). Setup and implementation costs depends on the scope, requirements and the complexity. Integration cost with any external system that isn’t out-of-the-box for Intellya is defined based on the estimated effort. 3rd party services such as Google Cloud, WhatsApp, OpenAI, etc. are paid additionally, and depend on the traffic (volume of usage).

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