Soul Machines Create AI-Powered Digital People with Soul Machines Studio

Autor: Soul Machines Inc.

Digital People that use autonomous animation to bring technologies like generative AI to life

Soul Machines™ is a pioneer in the humanization of AI.

We use our ground-breaking Biological AI technology to create hyper-realistic, autonomous Digital People™, powered by our patented Digital Brain™. Our revolutionary Soul Machines Studio tools allow anyone to reimagine customer engagement, drive deep interactivity, and create personalized digital experiences. Soul Machines is unique in delivering the full capabilities of human and machine collaboration in an ethical, responsive, and unprecedented way. From Digital Customer Service Agents to Brand Ambassadors to HR to Solutions Specialists, increased two-way engagement and personalized content experiences are what’s next in AI.

Soul Machines Studio allows you to create, train and deploy a unique, autonomously animated AI avatar in minutes. Our easy-to-use tools allow you to:
Create - Completely customize face, physical features, language, personality, voice, and clothing to reflect your brand, or choose from our existing templates.
Train - Inform your Digital Person with specific knowledge, skills, voice, and language model – whether your own LLM or GPT or AzureOpenAI – to drive meaningful interactions and meet business goals.
Deploy - Then easily deploy or export across multiple platforms, delivering unparalleled engagement and mining meaningful business insights.

Key Applications:

    • Create An Impactful AI Strategy
    • Drive ROI And Growth
    • Increase Efficiencies
    • Enhance Differentiation
    • Amplify Impact

Azure Marketplace Listing:
Soul Machines Studio Pro packages are designed for users to experiment, validate, test and deploy Digital People™ to end-users through a monthly subscription.

Soul Machines Digital People™ can scale to fit any size enterprise. If you have additional questions or are looking for more information feel free to inquire at

About Biological AI

Biological AI is an approach to training artificial intelligence based on principles of human biology and neuroscience, rather than on large data sets, yielding more life-like outcomes.

The Digital Brain™ is our patented Biological AI technology. It contains layers of AI-driven reciprocal human systems, such as the Sensory, Motor, Attention/Perception, and Autonomic Nervous systems, which together result in authentically human behavior.

Advantages of Biological AI:

  • Autonomous Animation: Our Digital People are spontaneously interactive, responding autonomously to stimuli.
  • Emotive & Engaging: Unlike video avatars, our AI Avatars have a simluated emotion system that creates empathy and rapport.
  • Trainable & LLM agnostic: Our Avatars continue to learn from interactions with the user to refine their responses, for highly contextual and dynamic user experiences.
  • Cost Effective: Incurs zero video production costs, significantly lower processing costs, and can be created in minutes.

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