Sterlite BSS on Azure

Autor: Sterlite Technologies Limited

Business Support System for Telecommunications

STL Digital BSS/OSS platform on Azure Cloud is an everything stack for anything-as-service-economy, enabling digital service providers to become lifestyle & platform providers for their retail customers, enterprises, and partners to thrive in the era of an always-connected world. 
STL’s award-winning Digital BSS/OSS solution includes products like Digital Billing and Revenue Management (dBRM), Digital Customer Relationship Management (dCRM), Digital Order Management (dOM), Digital Policy Control and Charging (dPCC), Digital Service Provisioning (dSP) using cutting edge cloud-native technology and microservices pattern. 
STL Cloud Platform Kubernetes and Helm charts are used to deploy and manage the containers on the Azure Cloud Platform leveraging Azure Application Gateway, Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Blob Storage. STL Platform Ambassador Ingress Controller / API Gateway performs the user authentication using Keycloak and enables Single Sign-on. 
STL Cloud-Native BSS  on Azure enables elevated engagement for Telcos with their customers, partners & vendors.
About Us:
STL is an industry-leading integrator of digital networks. Our fully 5 G-ready digital network & monetization solutions help telcos, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises deliver enhanced experiences to their customers & partners. STL provides integrated 5G ready end-to-end solutions ranging from wired to wireless, design to deployment, and connectivity to compute.

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