VOR for Heavy Industry Supply Chain


Connecting data, people and operations in heavy industry supply chains to remove spend and emissions

VOR connects people, data and operations by removing data silos and spreadsheets from supply chain and logistics operations so operational people can make data-driven decisions faster and safer. 

Supported by VOR's Artificial Intelligence at all times, operational experts can leverage predictive insights across your global supply chain together with automated actions to provide a real-time E2E 360° view that:

  • Enables a data-driven decision culture by unlocking data from silos, leverage data scalability & data exchange amongst stakeholders
  • Supports collaboration around a single source of truth & commonly shared view of operations
  • Provides real-time visibility & automated notifications of inefficiencies allowing for corrective action
  • Drives asset utilization, cost reduction, and sharing opportunities
  • Allows valuable insights into supply chain operations for continuous improvement
  • Integrates seamlessly alongside existing control center infrastructure and operational tools, unlocking measurable operational discipline at a global scale

With VOR's AI-powered orchestration technology, customers are now confidently using data to make safer, smarter, and effective decisions. The impact of this mindset and behavioural change is seeing VOR customers significantly reduce their operational costs and carbon emissions by preventing delay and making visible unnecessary spend before it occurs. 

Using VOR's collaboration and auditing capabilities that support Single-Sign-On, VOR customers have been able to securely share resources with partners and key suppliers, ensuring all materials and cargo supplied are routed efficiently, automating away the need for status update emails or phonecalls. 

Delivered through Software as a Service and leveraging the technical horsepower of Microsoft Azure, VOR abstracts complexity and supplier fragmentation out of your supply chain, turning your supply chain into a secure and scalable competitive advantage that can be controlled and queried through API for further automation and efficiency objectives.

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