Signature 365

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Efficient application for central management of employee e-signatures.

A marketing tool for centrally managing e-mail signatures

An efficient application for central management of employees’ e-mail signatures in Microsoft Outlook mail client.

Every company with a large number of employees is likely to face the challenge of centrally managing electronic email signatures of their employees. Companies definitely want their employees to present themselves in emails according to overall graphic appearance and the necessary information required by proper business correspondence. All employee info is stored and selected from a single location (Active Directory), but they can only be edited using the Signature 365 central console.

In addition to basic employee information, the e-signature can also include promotional content. The e-signature can be used as an excellent marketing tool for advertising current promotions, notifications and events. Use the central console to simply add image files and URL links to external content.

Easy and fast!
To implement the Signature 365 solution, a company needs Outlook 2013 (or a later version) and an internet connection. There are no special infrastructure requirements, and the user also doesn’t need to set up any dedicated infrastructure. Using it and administrating it is simple.

Signature 365 is a great solution for companies from 5 to more than 3000 employees and from different business segments (B2C in B2B).

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