photographic asset inspection

Autor: Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Photographic Asset Inspection is an AI solution for concrete Bridges

With the highly AI developed PAI solution Sund & Baelt wants to optimize and digitalize their operations and further to make it a service to other bridge owners world wide. It enables you to store, analyze, review and get insights from your photographic data.

Photographic Asset Inspection (PAI) is developed for infrastructure owners responsible for maintaining and operating concrete surface infrastructure like bridges. Technology can now be seen as a helping hand in determining whether a concrete surface needs maintaining, or to predict how far out in the future it will need work done.

The PAI solution enables you to take a large sample of pictures of concrete surfaces, and have them scanned and analyzed for abnormalities, enabling you to make smart decisions without having humans involved to inspect every small part of the surface. For large bridge operators this can either mean large savings on inspections, or in turn enable them to do more and thorough inspections at the same costs. Combining the data over time will enable bridge operators to do predictive maintenance and understand how factors like weather, materials and other things affect the lifetime of their large assets.

Currently the solution is suitable for bridge operators, but as it involves we expect to deliver analysis and insights to all concrete surfaces like e.g. tunnels, roads etc.

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