University 365 - Education Platform

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Is an educational platform that will help you find answers to questions about Microsoft 365

This application is available in Polish.


University 365 is an application that helps you find answers to questions about Microsoft products. Just write a question, and in the Teams chat window, the user will receive several options for solving a given problem in the form of a text or a video link to the instructional video. Microsoft tools have the greatest business value only when you understand them and use them to their full potential. Possibility of selecting information, controlling communication chaos, with which we are dealing in today's world was crucial and necessary for many IT administrators.

A dedicated training and education platform is a website for all employees of the organization, where users have access to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Microsoft 365 service. The whole thing is built in such a way as to focus on a high level of content and provide practical tips to the user. On the platform you can find a short video with a professional commentary showing the most frequently used Microsoft 365 functionalities. The videos are based on the original concept "Watch IT and Learn IT".

There is also a bot available on the educational platform, which has an implemented machine-learning element. Thanks to this, the user has the opportunity to ask a question to which he will receive a direct answer in the chat.

It costs 10$ per user!

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