MDM Enterprise

Autor: Sydecon

Make your company compliant with advanced workflow technology by SYDECON

MDM Enterprise in the Cloud is the workflow solution for enterprise-level Master Data Management and other compliance relevant processes.

It supports the implementation of centrally standardized workflows with the flexibility of delegation to local sites, business units or subsidiaries. It is designed to fulfill regulatory requirements; this may be because of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, FDA Part 11 obligations, legal or internal compliance rules. Complete, unchangeable audit trails, records and information management including retention periods and legal hold or segregation of duties are just examples of core features that assist in fulfilling compliance rules.

Features that make the difference:

  • Repository based forms configuration
  • Documentation generator for your workflows
  • Index based, phonetic search in requests
  • Auditor functions and roles
  • Full audit trail of workflow steps and management tasks
  • Dynamic, content-based routings
  • Attachable documents of evidence

Automating processes does not only reduce the financial and loss of reputation risk dramatically, but it also increases operation and end-user efficiency. Secure and seamless integration options with ERP or other backend solution in hybrid environments can leverage MDM Enterprise implementations in your company to the next level.

We care for your company's compliance with MDM Enterprise in the Cloud.

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