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Trade Management System for Mining & Mineral Trading

TMSSaaS is a cloud-based Trading and Business Intelligence Platform to digitalize trading operations and bring better visibility and analytics.

Digitalization: The objective of the Trading and Analytics platform is to digitalize trading operations and bring analytics and reporting to get real-time visibility on the trading and operations.

Central Source of Truth: TMS helps customer to replace current manual processes and Excel/worksheet operations to bring a central source of truth where everyone in the organization relies on the same information shared by the platform.

Secure Platform: It also brings security by which only authorized employees can access information to which they have access.

Accessible from Anywhere and Any Device: The cloud-based solution can be accessed from anywhere and on any devices (which are authorized). The responsive design allows the screen size to be optimized depending on the device display.

Scalable Platform: The platform uses highly scalable and reliable architecture to support future growth and scalability.

Target Audience: All Mining & Mineral Trading Companies.


  • End-to-End Visibility and Control
  • Improved Business Processes for Managing Trading Operation
  • Digitalizing Contract and Trading Documentations
  • Meeting Minutes and Associated Tasks Management
  • Tour Reports
  • Financial Institutes and Activities

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