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Syte empowers shoppers to instantly find items they’ll love with visual AI-powered solutions.

As the world’s first Product Discovery Platform, we use visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of shoppers. Our solutions include visual search, automated product tagging, personalized recommendations, shoppable social curation, and more. Our mission is to help shoppers find their perfect items.

Fashion, jewelry, and home decor brands and retailers like Farfetch, Prada, SHEIN, H. Samuel, Coleman Furniture, and Baycrew’s, partner with Syte to boost revenue and drive business growth.

Challenges we help retailers solve:

  • Improving the customer journey
  • Helping customers find products easily

  • High bounce rates and low conversion
  • Difficulties in promoting excess inventory
  • Personalizing offers to your customers
  • Manual Product Tagging

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