Omnitive Search - Enterprise Search Engine

Autor: Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd

Expands searches and recovers corresponding documents more efficiently and precisely.

Search is an enterprise search engine that utilises the meaning of information to:

  • provide more accurate search results, 

  • understand user queries, 

  • relate contents, 

  • expand searches, 

  • retrieve the corresponding knowledge more efficiently and precisely. 

It is a web-based UI application which enables users to narrow down search results to reach the desired information faster.  


  • Multi-source Search

With this feature, the system provides a single point of access to search and filter information available in various repositories. The solution organises results in tabs, displaying the name of the source and the number of results available. All the tools detailed here can be individually applied to each one of the tabs.

  • Synonyms 

This allows the user to expand the search using common synonyms of the seed terms. For example, a search for “govtech” produces the results for “Government Technology Agency of Singapore”.

  • Faceted Search

The Search allows the user to apply filters to narrow the search results. This allows search using the elements and properties of documents to filter through combo boxes, sliders, drop down lists, etc.

  • Spell Correction

The system automatically proposes orthographically correct sentences when the user mistypes. By default, spell-correction supports up to two mispelt characters.

  • Triple Search

Triple or Semantic Triple Search allows to search statements or triple (subject, predicate, object) in the ontology.

  • Semantic Tag Cloud

The system automatically groups, ranks and displays the most frequently mentioned terms appearing in the result set, ranking them by the semantic distance to the search seed.

Reach out to the TAIGER team to see Omnitive Search in action.

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