Autor: TakeTask S.A.

A mobile application used to assign, execute, and verify tasks on a large scale.

TakeTask is a mobile application used to assign, execute and verify tasks for deskless workers on a large scale in many locations simultaneously for any industry. Our aim is to help enterprises to simplify management of their tasks by replacing paperwork to ensure procesess are delivered to the highest standards.

Large organisations usually have well-defined procedures executed by employees with different experience, skills and attitude. Our system enables distribution, confirmation and verification of tasks in companies with big and dispersed out-of-desk labour force. Employees receive prioritised tasks, clearly defined guidelines and real-time feedback.

We manage multiple data sources to speed up the performance such as GPS, barcode scanner, Real-Time Image Recognition, Machine learning and we also integrate with IoT.  We work in a SaaS model and implementation of our system is relatively easy and fast as for enterprise software used by thousands of employees per company.

Rather than using digitalization, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to replace people in the workplace, we believe that in many areas it is better to support them. We are increasing the value of human work by providing a single interface to the technologies and systems introduced in the workplace.

Using our technology, we have also implemented a system to support services in the management and control of people undergoing mandatory home quarantine. In the same way, we can easily provide a different crisis management system focused on specific needs.

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