Tampnet Offshore Private Mobile Network (4G/5G)

Autor: Tampnet AS

Tampnet's offshore private networks provide secure connectivity for offshore operators & vessels

Tampnet's Private Offshore Mobile Network is a wireless networking product providing high-speed, secure mobile connectivity to accelerate digital transformation.

Why should Enterprises choose Tampnet Private Mobile Network?

Tampnet Private Network is a fully managed combo core solution supporting both 4G and 5G use cases.

The combo core is deployed on the edge, providing a local breakout of the user plane traffic, ensuring low latency and privacy of the data.

As a Mobile Network Operator(MNO) Tampnet can provide a hybrid setup where the private network can coexist with the public network. This adds the ability to support 3rd-party traffic and even roaming within your premises, fully utilizing the enhanced mobile coverage provided by the private radio network.

As an MNO Tampnet already has access to licensed spectrum in the lower bands, which is required to support a full-coverage scenario efficiently. Lower frequencies propagate far better than the unlicensed spectrum (typically above 3,4GHz) and can easily overlay existing DAS and leaky feeder systems.

In addition to mobile broadband services, the solution offers NB-IoT and Cat-M1 to support IoT connectivity use cases like sensors and M2M devices.

Industry & Sustainability Focus

- Offshore Oil and Gas

- Offshore Wind Farms

- Drilling rigs

Internal 4G/5G network provides complete internal coverage for reliable and fast connectivity. Supported use cases include;

■ Connected worker applications and devices
■ Drones, AUVs, inspection crawlers and robots
■ IoT devices and sensors
■ CCTV and remote monitoring
■ Remote operations and collaboration
■ Improved emergency response and crew safety
■ Mission-critical communications

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