ChatBot Service Bus

Autor: Tangent Solutions

The chatbot service bus connects traditional chat portals to the Bot Framework.

The ChatBot Service Bus is built with interoperability at its heart. However, the Bot Framework only provides a common codebase for integrating with industry leading CUIs (Conversation User Interface) and provides a toolset to drive different paradigms of interaction of Chat Bots. This Framework has allowed businesses to develop AI driven and automated interaction with their customers. Regardless of the sophistication of these frameworks human to human interaction is always needed. Many organizations that have implemented chat interaction with their customers and have invested in teams and tooling to manage this interaction. However this is where the standard Bot Framework falls short. The chatbot service bus bridges this gap by providing an agnostic integration layer to major chat management portals. This allows businesses to keep their preferred tooling in how they currently interact with their customers while still leveraging the power of the Bot Framework. Chat Portals currently supported are: - Facebook Chat Portal. - Intercom. - Olark

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