TCS' Smart Forecasting Solution

Autor: TCS - Consumer Goods

Enable intelligent planning through smart inputs from market teams and ML based forecast

TCS’ Smart Forecasting enables better decision making through collaboration of CPG companies & their downstream supply chain partners. Smart Forecasting is a technology agnostic, modular, scalable & configurable solution that provides Supply Chain Transformation with its wide range of solution features. It improves supply chain KPIs such as Forecast Accuracy & On Shelf Availability.

Demand forecasting is the nuts-and-bolts of supply chain management. Without it, businesses cannot hope to adapt to the uncertain macro environment of today. However, as technologies evolve, forecasting complexities have increased and with it the need for ensuring the best insights at speed for better decision making. Forecasting considerations have to be weighed out against growth plans as well as accuracy rates. In this scenario, large enterprise ecosystems will do well with advanced forecasting platforms that use cutting-edge technology to predict demands accurately and fuel long-term business plans.

TCS’ Smart Forecasting solution enables better accuracy and decision making through a collaborative digital platform. It collects and processes data from all stakeholders/ systems to generate demand forecasts that help businesses in their production planning, inventory planning and distribution planning activities. Designed with enterprise partner ecosystems in mind, this cloud-based offering uses machine learning-based models for rolling forecast and rule-based models for modification of forecast values at a monthly level.

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