Private 5G - TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser (CPOA)

Autor: TCS - Azure

A private 5G based solution for optimized plant operations

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

TCS CPOA (Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser) is a TCS Proprietary Software which uses available data and TCS manufacturing process and operations expertise to provide operators better insights and visibility for real-time decision-making. It addresses wastage reduction, increased equipment uptime, near zero safety incidents, improved production yield, and lower gas emissions.

TCS CPOA, a Private 5G solution, helps in rapidly building and deploying cutting-edge digital solutions, and in unlocking the power of knowledge, data, and engineering sciences to make industrial plants intelligent and future-ready. This platform brings together all core elements needed to build intelligent digital twins of not just the plants, systems, and processes but also digital twins of operators through curation and reasoning over the digitally captured domain and tacit knowledge coupled with advanced industry-specific AI algorithms and physics-based models. The built-in capabilities of CPO Adviser help make plant operations predictive, prescriptive, and self-aware with deep causal reasoning, to reduce operations and maintenance costs, improve product quality, reduce emissions, derive additional revenue via increased throughput, and make production lines agile and safe.

High-level features of TCS CPO Adviser platform are:

  • Facility to create Plant Information Models
  • Facility for providing knowledge guidance to operators
  • Facility for creating end-to-end operator solutions
  • Facility to build and deploy industrial AI applications
  • Facility to build industrial AI models
  • Facility for making digital twins self-aware


  • Optimizes manufacturing operations in real-time to improve flexibility and availability
  • Reduces operations and maintenance costs and improves plant resilience
  • Ensures compliance with sustainability standards
  • Enhances plant safety and reduces operations risk
  • Enables localization of impending issues with the impact and advice, enhancing decision making

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