TransformPlus for Reverse Engineering Legacy Apps

Autor: TCS - MasterCraft

Intelligent automation product that analyzes the code to plan, strategize and execute modernization

TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlus is a patented, cognitive code analysis and intelligent product that enables modernization of legacy applications by deciphering their functional and technical aspects.
TransformPlus analyzes the application’s static code, offers a blueprint view of the application, extracts the business rules and transactional flows into a central repository and represents the analyzed data points graphically. TransformPlus deciphers the legacy systems and enables enterprises to modernize them by: 
  • Creating a central knowledge repository with all the details of the application, extracted from the source code
  • Analyzing the static code and providing complete insights about the application components and their complexity, program and transactional flows
  • Extracting application knowledge, such as business rules and functional details, from the source code using automation
  • Documenting the extracted technical details automatically from the source code into a formal language format

Key Capabilities:
  • 360 Degree Insights: Deep dives into legacy applications, explores them and  helps users understand the complexity and hidden values in the code
  • Extensive Knowledge Management: Identifies the entry points to the application to track the transactional flow from each entry point
  • Enriched Visual Representation: Graphically represents conditions and operations of transactional flows in the application to depict the internal logic within each application module
  • Business Rule Extraction: Extracts business rules/requirements from the applications and converts the source code into a formal language to facilitate application modernization
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Creates technical documentation for the applications by auto-translating and auto-populating technical details extracted from the application code to formal language format, using a translation engine

  • Continuous Engagement: Enables continuous engagement with users during and after the application modernization process
  • Multiple Technology Support: Supports COBOL, RPG, Java, Visual Basic and others on different platforms such as Mainframe, AS400, Open System etc.
  • Evolving Knowledge Repository: Provides built-in parsers evolved over the years by working with multiple applications, which built the knowledge repository, irrespective of the application size
  • Customized Reports: Allows users to provide metadata for the captured information, making the reports more personalized and useful
  • Enhanced Productivity: Enables users to understand and modernize their legacy applications with an improved productivity rate of about 30%

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