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Teach on Mars is the finest next-generation learning ecosystem in the (known) universe.


Teach on Mars is a next-generation learning ecosystem. Our end-to-end product offer gives organisations the tools, the content and the consulting expertise to optimise the impact of all their learning and communication.

We own and develop our own unique and 100% mobile-native technology.

Workplace learning delivered with Teach on Mars improves productivity, enhances performance and builds brand equity. It also makes for happier, more fulfilled employees, because it delivers knowledge and learning opportunities of all types to learners right to where they need it in their jobs and in their lives. And it does this in a format they like and will love coming back to - over and over again.

Our solution integrates with and complements all market-leading enterprise software and LMS suites

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION The best technology

An omni-channel solution that sets new standards for design, learner experience and functionality. All the hottest learning design and deployment features. It’s more than just a mobile learning app. Teach on Mars is your next-generation learning ecosystem.

A winning mobile content strategy

Your learners demand the best and latest content. Teach on Mars has the answer. Build engaging bespoke content yourself or source it from one of our certified content partners. Then combine it with external resources or the best mobile-native off-the-shelf content from our very own Marketplace, and even add in automatic content curation to roll-out a mobile content offer that really rocks.

Consulting support that fits your needs

A Teach on Mars Success Facilitator will be assigned to accompany you through every stage of your project, from deployment strategy construction through to content creation and downstream ROI reporting to your senior leadership. And our in-app Onboarding training program and mobile learning Fab Lab (Europe’s first) will make sure your teams get up to speed fast and generate maximum impact on the ground.

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