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We enable sports clubs to market tickets online or at point of sales for their venue.

Spot:Ahead enables Sport Clubs to manage and sell tickets online and at box office for their events. Fulfillment, entrance control and price-management and venue administration and various other processes to sell day tickets or season tickets for sport clubs of all size. The included Ticket-Web-Shop to sell tickets online can fully be managed using the administration backend from the ticketing system. It supports printed tickets using connected ticket printers from boca or digital tickets direct to the wallet. Quick-Sell, Personalized Sell, Reservation, VIP Tickets, Commission Tickets, Quotas and different sell-types for each seat are fully controllable for the sports clubs. It comes with multiple User-Roles for employees and customers as well to enable discounts for special customer groups.

Build with latest technology, venues up to 100,000 seats can be sold within the shortest periods. Automatic seat selection using best place algorithms or self-selection by customer on full-zoom seat plans optimized for mobile use.


  • Handle seat plans for multiple Venues
  • Handle price lists for multiple venues, Price-Categories and discount types for different ticket categories
  • Point of sale for offline Sales Channel
  • Online Ticket Shop by selecting seats in a seat plan
  • Create invoice documents for each sale action
  • User Roles and customer roles for sales steering
  • Reports for Events
  • Events for Day tickets
  • Events for Season Tickets
  • Printing using Boca thermal printers
  • Integrates with various ERP and CRM Systems
  • Features SSO via Keycloak, Unidy or similar
  • Entrance Control App included or integration of existing entrance control

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