Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager

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Drive superior customer relationships keeping customer at the epicentre of CSP ecosystem with DCLM

Over the years, both business and business models within the telecom industry have experienced incredible changes, especially wireless communication. As a result, the ‘Business’ part of Business Support Systems (BSS) has also changed – it’s no longer limited to telecommunication services but has evolved into an offering that encompasses telco services, connectivity-based services, digital content & services and cross-industry offerings.

Tecnotree's Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager (DCLM) is an easy-to-use platform for building unique and personalized customer relationships; and automates Key processes in customer onboarding and Lifecycle care. With the application of user-centric design thinking principles, the platform has increased efficiency being highly performant even in low bandwidth areas. The streamlined and customizable interface has been redesigned to save time and effort in serving users. It empowers CSPs to continuously generate, maintain and build immersive yet contextual and personalized customer experiences throughout their evolving lifecycle.

One of the core strengths of Tecnotree DCLM is its ability to make life easier for its users through human centered design based prebuilt journeys. Also, being device agnostic, it can reduce queues at SC/on call, and reduced AHT for agents. With Tecnotree DCLM, CSPs can offer optimal customer experience through real-time contextual information, responding instantly to orders and requests and including personalized products in offers, thanks to a contextual and real-time 360-degree customer view. This collectively builds the operating ground for Omni-channel support and leveraging customer 360 view for Analytics and KPIs.

Tecnotree DCLM is complied with TMF Open APIs and conform to e-tom business processes for various customer journeys such as Onboarding, Service Requests and Care. This makes Tecnotree DCLM easy to plugin into a CSP's existing Application Landscape and realise faster time to market.

Following are the key features of DCLM 5.2.4:

  • DCLM provides a unified view of Products & Services across multiple line of business.
  • It provides a platform for single truth of Customer Information.
  • It Enables Omni Channel User Experience across multiple touch points.
  • Its “Multi enabled”- Constituting Multi Play, Multi-Tenant, Multi Currency, Multi Lingual, Multi Calendar and Multi Device.
  • It follows the principle of Catalog driven templates for Registration & Service Changes.
  • DCLM provides Configurable workflow based orchestration for Registration and Service Requests.
  • It has Personalized User Dashboard (for Task, performance).
  • It can also help you unify monetary assets through Digital Wallet.
  • With its inherent analytics module, it provides recommendations for Cross sell / Up Sell Opportunities.
  • Based on a comprehensive Customer data centric architecture.

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