Temeda - Industrial IoT

Autor: Temeda

Temeda integrates IoT data from remote industrial assets to improve your bottom line.

The Industrial IoT Platform for Integrated Fleet Management

Temeda transforms data from your fleet of mobile and remote assets into valuable information to help your company make and save money.

Real-time machine data, paired with GPS location data, has become a vital element in the search for business intelligence and operational excellence. Temeda is all about transforming your data into useful information that companies can use to improve your business performance.

Our solutions offer real-time insight into your vehicles and equipment such as cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, construction equipment, tools, industrial machinery, cranes, excavators, generators, shipping containers and much more. Temeda helps to reduce operational costs, maximize business performance, and improve customer service, safety, and security.

The Temeda Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Azure IoT cloud-based platform is combined with best-in-class GPS hardware to provide a powerful and reliable solution for any mixed fleet of equipment and machinery.

Our intuitive web portal and mobile app empower users to quickly adopt and realize the benefits of the Temeda IoT platform.

With experience that dates back to the origin of wireless machine communication, Temeda possesses deep, hands-on knowledge of the Industrial IoT to aid clients and partners in recognizing the full value of designing, deploying, and implementing solutions.

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