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Turn Outlook calendar events into billable timesheet entries for you and your team

What does Temponia offer?

Temponia is an online timesheet application. Unlike other timesheet solutions, we use a graphical (outlook like) calendar interface. Not only does this offer a very quick way to enter timesheets, it also is perfect to visualise and allows for in-depth reporting.(ADMIN CREDENTIAL NEEDED)
  • Temponia is completely cloud-based, accessible from any browser, or mobile device. No need to worry about backups.
  • Synchronise your existing Outlook calendar items and turn them into billable timesheet entries with the click of a mouse
  • Very fast input system that does not only capture duration but also start and finish times, which are great for reporting and visualisation.
  • Track expenses: where, when, how much.
  • Powerful reporting that allows you to filter, group as you please and export to CSV, Excel or PDF.
  • Flexible options: you want to bill by project rate, person, task, ... we support it all.
  • Set a budget for a project, task or person and get alerts when budget thresholds are reached.
  • Dashboard allowing you to monitor progress per project / team member / task / budget.
  • Create invoices for projects and export them.
  • Mobile app that allows you to enter timesheets on the go.
  • Free to use up to 2 projects.
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