Teradici CAS License for Azure Virtual Desktops

Teradici Corporation

Teradici Azure Virtual Desktops - now available in your Azure Subscription

Work everywhere, anywhere, with Teradici Cloud Access Software & PCoIP Technology Used by Millions - easily purchased now in your Azure Subscription!

Creative professionals worldwide depend on Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP technology, to deliver an uncompromised user experience – ultra-secure access to graphics-intensive 3D applications and virtual desktops and workstations while your media assets remain protected. Now you can work from anywhere, whether your assets are secured in your own data center or on Microsoft Azure.

Compliant with Content Security Practice

Data assets are securely isolated in the cloud or datacenter, only accessible from authorized network endpoints as an encrypted stream of pixels. Because data files themselves are never downloaded to the endpoint devices, intellectual property remains secure, no matter what applications are used.

Unrivaled Remote User Experience

Access your go-to applications configured for multi-monitor 4K or UHD display topologies, including lossless text and color accuracy -no more blocky compression artifacts imposed by the display protocol. Use your WACOM tablet for artistic editing with near-imperceptible interactive latency.

Extend your Talent Pool, Internationally

Staff up with those highly sought international professionals or orientate your production towards those out-of-state tax credits, either cross-border from your data center or via Microsoft Azure in a different region.

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