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Territorium Life: Social Platform for a Personalized Education and Training

Territorium Life is a private platform by organization focused on education, training and collaboration within three business lines: schools, universities and companies. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, It helps students have a unique and customized experience of learning to encourage them to discover a purpose of life. Territorium Life can help schools to:
    Decrease dropout rate
    Improve the employability rate
    Improve academic indicators
    Develop competencies and skills on the students
    Involve parents on the learning progress and achievements of their children
Territorium Life can help companies to:
    Reduce staff rotation
    Reduce training budgets and purchase of equipment
    Asses employee skills and competencies
    Online Courses Marketplace: with a high valid certification from the best universities worldwide
    Project-Based Learning: Add challenges or projects or simply use the ones preloaded to develop and evaluate competencies and skills.
    Track progress and performance: use the intuitive dashboard to visualize indicators like assistance, tasks completed and more.
    Early warning system alerts: notifies teachers and parents, that a child is at risk of not completing their studies. For Managers and Directors alerts when an employee is at risk of failing goals or leaving the company.
    Gamification: Create an evidence portfolio by collaborator or student. Reward their accomplishments by granting customized medals and badges.
    Mobile access: all the content, challenges, forums, surveys and messages can be accessed through the iOS or Android App.
    Low Connectivity: when there is no connection to the internet, the platform saves the data locally on the device, until it connects again to be synchronized and the new data is sent and received.

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