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An engagement platform for your community in two weeks!

Fabrik is a suite of tools that empowers you to harnesses the power of social behaviour within your own private environment.

Fabrik is born in the cloud!
- Built from the ground up on Microsoft Azure services.
- 100% uptime, performance and scalability.
- Perfectly positioned to be integrated into other Azure and Office 365 services.
- Created by a trained team that is integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, providing access to other skills.

It’s not appropriate to see customers as transient or meta-data or transactional anymore.

We have to be of service and of value to customers and we need to see them as a co-creator of products and services.

We have to engage them with intimacy, service and value.

Fabrik allows you to leverage the learned behaviour of digital tools and workflows (the entire social revolution) and accelerate your workplace transition with a quickened pace of human activity, focus and intimacy.

It broadens accountability, builds compliance and increases transparency with your community and within your community.

The previous era of technology reduced people to a “number”, to a “resource”, to a “demographic” - which is all well and good in aggregate but absolute disaster for Mrs Singh, Sithole or Smith in specific.

Today, we know we can do better. We know it in our hearts and souls even if we do not know exactly how. How can we do better when I have no voice to change?

It’s time to empower your people to be able to be "of service" to your community without the layers of middlemen and friction that currently exist.

For example, why do you need a call centre with minimum paid workers who have no connection to you or your brand. Outsourcing many functions and workflows in a business is fine, but you cannot outsource service.

Instead of treating your customers like anonymous "everyone is the same", how do you filter for trust, integrity etc.

A Fabrik-powered community allows you to leverage the speed and intimacy of social but in your own private space. This means that your storytelling can be more conversational, real-time and intimate than it would normally be for the more manufactured and curated public social edge.

This is a challenge that is hard for many communities because it means being a bit more expressive digitally in a broader space than would traditionally be the case (your team, your department).

It's harder because you can't outsource your voice and you shouldn't be "manufacturing" the content.

Think of it as telemetry - and being a reliable and engaging transponder. Think of it as being "of service".

What amplifies the "SHARED CONTEXT"
What adds to the "SHARED CONVERSATION"
What goal are we "CHOREOGRAPHING" around.

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