Real-World Audiences and Triggers for Dynamics

Autor: Neura

Supercharge customer engagement campaigns using artificial intelligence

Build smarter customer journeys with real-world behavioral data.

Neura revolutionizes the way products interact with people. Many of the actions that users take in your app can be driven by things that happen in the real world. Soon after they wake up, they need to take medication or get a ride to work. During their commute, they will have time to play games or consume content. Users that are Health Enthusiasts and Busy don't have time to cook healthy meals, and will be more receptive to quick and easy food delivery offers. Frequent Travelers and Business Travelers can benefit from always-on travel insurance alerts.

  • Real-World Behavioral Attributes: Reach the right user with the right message using behavioral traits that provide powerful insights to each user's unique lifestyle. Activate audiences like Hard Worker, Frequent Traveler, Sleep Deprived, Avid Runner, etc.
  • Moment-Based Triggers: User availability is critical to a successful engagement strategy. Using Moments, you can trigger journeys when the user wakes up, starts their morning commute, or relaxes at home, instead of while they are sleeping or driving.
  • Insights and Behavior Attribution: Neura enables you to attribute events such as session starts, app opens, push engagement attempts, and in-app features to real-world user behavior, uncovering actionable insights for campaign optimization.

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