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ThingLink for Business


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Create interactive image, video, and 360 presentations for customer education and workplace learning

Switch slideshows and PDFs to interactive infographics and 360 presentations to engage customers and employees in a new way. Turn any image or video into a learning experience.

ThingLink for Business
is for professionals who want to create engaging, information rich visuals, training or promotion materials without having to build expensive custom solutions.

Our image editor makes it easy for teams in product marketing, communications and PR, and workplace learning to enhance images and videos with additional information; notes, narration, video, or links, and measure the results across the web! Thousands of small and large businesses use ThingLink to create materials for company website, customer education and workplace learning.

ThingLink technology is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. You can sign in with Office 365 login, add information and links to images on desktop or mobile, and share your images on multiple platforms including OneNote, your company website, blog, or most LMS.

What is included with ThingLink Premium Business account?
- A powerful media editor for augmenting both 2D and 360 images and videos
- Five user seats for multiple team members
- Unlimited uploads and 1 million views per month
- Customization, branding removal, and analytics to see viewer engagement
- Support: dedicated rep, training session

Contact us for a demo at info@thinglink.com, or request a call with one of our product specialist to see how your business can benefit from ThingLink.