Vaultedge Mortgage Automation

Autor: Think Labs (DBA, Vaultedge Software)

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Vaultedge: Process & review mortgage documents 5x faster with 99+% accuracy.

VAULTEDGE MORTGAGE AUTOMATION: Vaultedge is an automated OCR and underwriting platform for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors.

Vaultedge indexes loan documents, cross validates data across sources and calculates income data to automate borrower underwriting. Get underwrite & servicing ready loan files in just minutes.

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation (VMA) is an AI powered document processing software that is purpose built for the mortgage industry. It:

  • Integrates with your azure application to index loan documents; extract structured & unstructured data from borrower documents.
  • Identifies key exceptions (missing pages, data discrepancies etc.) in minutes and cross validate data directly with source.
  • Automatically writes verified document & data directly to your loan origination & servicing systems - saving you manual effort.

Vaultedge automatically classifies more than 500+ documents, extracts 2000+ fields & identifies exceptions, so that users can focus only on handling exceptions.

Using Vaultedge, leading mortgage lenders and servicers are processing millions of documents everyday while shortening loan cycle time and cost by atleast 80%.

Key advantages with Vaultedge:

  • Go live within 2 weeks - Plug & play solution that can be used in production in less than 2 weeks.
  • 99+% accuracy - Vaultedge provides an out of box accuracy of 95% that can go up to 99% with time as AI learns with every user action.
  • Seamless integration with Encompass LOS & others - Vaultedge integrates seamlessly with loan origination & servicing softwares like Ellie Mae Encompass, Blackknight Empower, Wipro Netoxygen, Blackknight MSP & more.
  • Ease of use - Easy to use software. No need of extensive training & user guides. New user onboarding in just under an hour.

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