Thycotic Privilege Manager

Thycotic Software Ltd.

All-in-one solutions for least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application control.

Endpoints, the devices people use to access company resources, are a weak spot in corporate security. Compromised endpoints are a primary access point that cyber criminals use to infiltrate a network. The volume of endpoint attacks is rising, as is the sophistication of attacks. To minimize risks caused by cyber-attacks and fraudulent users, organizations need to secure their employee endpoints, especially now that so many are not working from corporate offices. Thycotic Privilege Manager simplifies your implementation of a comprehensive endpoint privilege management strategy that includes a least privilege security posture and application control. You can mitigate critical vulnerabilities, security threats, and malware from exploiting applications without disrupting business users or your IT support team. Privilege Manager removes excess privileges and permanently controls which accounts are members of any local group and credentials of accounts in privileged local groups. It also enables you to create granular application control policies to elevate, allow, deny, and restrict applications based on advanced threat intelligence. Via lightweight agents, this powerful solution continuously discovers both domain and non-domain joined endpoints, applications, and processes tied to privileged accounts. And it allows your employees to use the applications and controls they need to do their jobs without requiring local administrative rights or IT support. The result is maximized productivity and lowered risk of privilege account and endpoint compromise.
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