Tonic Wealth Management

Autor: Thynk Software Limited

Tonic Wealth Management

Tonic Wealth Management is a visually-stunning online platform that consolidates, streamlines and automates all aspects of Wealth Management for Financial Advisors, Fund Managers, Back office, Investors and Compliance officers. Tonic Wealth Management is Azure®-ready. It is built on MSFT technologies that include SQL Server, Power BI and ASP.NET Web API.

Financial CRM

  • Smart data entry of individuals, companies and accounts
  • Compliance workflow to approve accounts
  • Background check workflow
  • Document expiration triggers
  • Dynamically computed business risk assessment

Back Office Automation

  • Customizable dashboard and query engine for custom reporting
  • Portfolio management and reporting on current holdings P/L
  • Portfolio NAV for benchmarking
  • Order Management designs with compliance at its core
  • Automated Appropriateness testing
  • Corporate actions including stock splits, cash/stock dividends and interest payments on bonds
  • Alerts for market changes
  • KPIs to deliver insight on portfolio manager performance
  • Cash movement reporting and reconciliation
  • Admin module to manage and configure all aspects of the solution

Funds Administration

  • Account Period management
  • Fee management and processing
  • Unit allocation and reporting
  • Automatic accruals calculation
  • Benchmarking of fund performance
  • Net Asset Value reporting
  • Automated Factsheet generation

Investment Internet Banking

  • Online portal for investors to manage their portfolio
  • Get information about potential investments
  • Investment timeline which projects long-term wealth
  • Full control of portfolio holdings and cash movement

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