Tiliter Recognition API

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Computer vision to accurately and automatically identify products without barcodes

Tiliter's Recognition API:

Gives retailers access to Tiliter's leading product recognition technology for client-managed cameras.

The API's advanced features cater specifically to retailers and their customers, providing a range of applications, including product detection for fresh produce, bakery items, nuts & confectionary, advanced loss prevention techniques, bag tare, and marking detection for organics. The models are region specific and can be expanded upon request.

Model generalisation breakthrough

The ground-breaking aspect of Tiliter's Recognition API lies in its model generalisation capabilities, which enable it to achieve accuracy and performance across a diverse range of hardware platforms.

This distinctive feature allows retailers to upgrade their existing hardware seamlessly with Tiliter's sophisticated software solution. It eliminates the need for additional investment in new equipment and lengthy in-store model training cycles.

By reducing the duration of in-store training, the system adds value more quickly and mitigates potential stability issues associated with extended training periods.

Key features of the Tiliter Recognition API include:

1. Unmatched accuracy and speed

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, protected by several patents, and leveraging model generalization capabilities, the cloud-based Recognition API provides unrivalled accuracy in identifying items. This reduces manual intervention and human error, while its rapid response time ensures a seamless user experience.

2. Scalable and cost-effective

With flexible pricing models and cloud-based architecture, the Tiliter Recognition API is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, ensuring scalability and reducing operational costs.

3. Customisable and adaptable

The API can be tailored to specific industry needs and easily integrated into existing systems, empowering businesses to create bespoke solutions that address unique challenges and drive innovation.

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