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EUGENIO is a hardware and software platform that accelerates the implementation of IoT solutions

EUGENIO is an IoT platform (hardware and software) that helps developers create industry-leading solutions, based on a secure, reliable and scalable end-to-end infrastructure. EUGENIO is a bridge between IoT data and your business layer, from device up to the cloud.


While in PaaS approach the design and construction of an IoT solution depends on managing services individually, EUGENIO is a full managed platform that significantly reduces the effort to configure, integrate and maintain cloud services and hardware devices. EUGENIO automates the tasks of creating, configuring and integrating services, in a multi-tenant environment, so, with just one click you can start a new project and receive an IoT reference architecture already prepared with guarantees of data segregation, security and performance to support high scale of devices and data.


EUGENIO Cube is a micro processed and modular hardware platform that adapts to different scenarios of power supply, communication network, processing need and type of application. With several I/O interfaces and industry standard protocols, EUGENIO Cube integrates different types of sensors and actuators, promoting collaboration between devices from different vendors and handling critical information at the edge. The software embedded in the Cube facilitates provisioning and management. Cube authenticates itself to the EUGENIO Cloud using digital certificate and establishes a control channel to receive remote commands and configurations, send alarm notification and receive over-the-air firmware update.


EUGENIO Cloud accelerates the development of the solution's back-end, providing device management, data management and storage, facilitating integration with different data sources and bringing insights into the application layer through APIs. Azure IoT Hub features are available through EUGENIO's administration interface or via APIs. EUGENIO has an integrated big data infrastructure and routes the telemetry data to the internal data lake by default. EUGENIO integrates with other platforms and applications through its more than 200 Rest APIs that programmatically enable management and sending of commands to devices, policy control and governance of users and applications, ingesting data from external sources and exporting data in batch or via real-time stream.

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