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Work collaboration and project management software for use in Microsoft Teams or as a browser option

Collaborating with colleagues has never been more important but the endless trail of spreadsheets and emails are not always effective at keeping people in the loop. Activities and projects should flow through the organisation seamlessly and transparently, so that every member of the team knows what stage the work is at, and what’s next on their list.

With Verto 365, you can take advantage of work collaboration and project management software online, or excitingly now from inside Microsoft Teams. Instead of colleagues working independently and losing sight of who’s doing what, Verto 365 brings more of your work together into one single platform.

The emergence of collaboration platforms, such as Teams, also supports home and hybrid working, which can now be enhanced by Verto 365 to help users achieve more as well as making their productivity a personal experience. Access robust project planning tools such as Kanban boards, flexible dashboards, Gantt charts, risks, benefits, finances and every detail needed to successfully manage tasks, and run projects on any scale. Having one platform to host all these capabilities brings simplicity to organisations’, often complex, working practices.

Verto 365 communicates with the M365 ecosystem, which allows for tighter integration with Microsoft Teams, while ensuring security and data integrity levels are maintained. This enables automation and ensures syncing data across platforms becomes a reality.

Verto 365 supports clients across both public and private sectors, of all sizes and digital maturity levels, to improve work management habits.

Work Better Together:

The significant benefit of keeping work and comms in one place is the ability to work together wherever you're physically located, with all data and information in one place and in the same format so reporting takes hardly any time. Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) eliminates the need to remember and input credentials, removing yet another productivity barrier.

Manage Work Effectively:

Work can also be shared more easily as there is no need to navigate away to manage it, share documents, control and report on data, or maintain effective communication with your team members and their activities.

Communicate And Collaborate:

Microsoft Teams allows us to move us away from sending huge amounts of emails in favour of focused and direct chat within your Teams channels, which is where the majority of workforces already communicate (especially as hybrid or remote teams).

Package plans in detail

Workspaces Free - Verto 365's Workspaces begin free, online, or from Microsoft Teams, giving you scope to create up to three Workspaces areas. These areas hold an unlimited number of Kanban Boards that can be grouped in any way that makes you most productive and makes most sense for your role or set of tasks. A total of 250 cards can be used across all boards.

Workspaces - For those who manage tasks and activities on a daily basis, the Workspaces plan provides unlimited cards and Kanban Boards, grouped in ways that make sense to you, in as many Workspace areas you need. They can be used by an individual or as a team by sharing boards to collaborate on shared activities.

Workspace+ - This offers all the functionality that Workspace provides, plus some lighter-touch project management functionality such as dashboards, risk and issue tracking, and basic budgeting.

Project - Our Project package is a project management solution for those who need a fixed set of tools to collaborate on project work within their team. Features include Gantt chart functionality, RAID, cost and benefit management, Full audit history, unlimited document storage in Microsoft Teams, a suite of management reports amongst other benefits.

Pro - Our highly configurable plan provides powerful project management tools configured to make sense in your organisation. Adaptable workflow management, approval processes, Governance reports, custom reports, performance planning, and resourcing is just some of the functionality to help you run complex and/or large-scale projects and programmes.

Enterprise - For large-scale portfolio management, and complex organisations requiring multiple licences, Verto 365's Enterprise solution can be deployed arranged as a private offer with tailored pricing. Email us at with your specific requirements.

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